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Great products deserve the best in premium packaging.

Have a business idea or a retail-ready branded product?

Have a great idea, premium brand, or retail product?

We have a full range of custom packaging solutions to help you stand out. In 45 days, we can take you from a vague idea to a finished product, packaged and ready for retail shelves. Your product deserves to look its best for your customers. We have the designers and expertise, to help you deliver the premium brand experience the market expects.

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Featured Branded Packaging

Here are some of our favorite projects. Please check our showcase gallery if you are more interested in custom wine & spirit boxes, cigar humidors or boxes, or cosmetics boxes.

NAGA Rum Boxes

Naga Rum Bottle Packaging

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NAGA Rum Boxes
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Bacardi Whiskey Box

Your all-in-one packaging partner.

We make the whole packaging process easy for you, from design to final delivery. Our team consists of highly experienced designers, structural engineers, business experts, and logistics specialists – dedicated to delivering the highest quality package for your commercial product.

Some of the brands we've worked with.

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We have been recognized by the brightest designers and agencies creating product packaging.

  • Vinitaly 2023 - Winners of the Best Packaging Box Award
  • ADF&PCD and PLD Innovation Awards Finalist 2021
  • Halfwheel's 2021 Awards: Our design in the TOP-10
  • Halfwheel's 2020 Awards: 2 Winning Designs
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From idea to product in less than 45 days.

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Types of Custom Retail Packaging Available

Cohiba Humidor

Flexible packaging

The most economical and environmentally friendly option, and includes all malleable or foldable packaging materials. Flexible packaging is best suited for products which can be wrapped in paper or film, sealed in a pouch, or blister-packed. This also includes products which are shipped or sold inside a paper, paperboard, cardboard, or corrugated box. See more examples of flexible packaging in our showcase gallery.

Arcane Liquors Box

Rigid packaging

This is often the more popular option for premium and luxury products, due to the use of tougher and more expensive materials. Rigid packaging is best suited for products where the protection capabilities are important, where inducing a luxurious feel is desired, or whenever rigid box packaging is simply the more practical option e.g. like glass cigar jars. This also includes products which are shipped or sold in glass bottles or jars, hard plastic boxes or cases, or when using wood or metal in the packaging. See more examples of rigid packaging in our showcase gallery.

Sturia Caviar Box

Premium & Luxury Packaging

With some products and brands, the look and feel of the packaging is very important. The little details matter, whether you are talking about an eye-catching cardboard box for a perfume or a custom handmade wooden box for the world’s finest spirits.See more examples of premium packaging and luxury packaging in our showcase gallery.

Brands & Product Types

We have the most experience with the following product verticals and market sectors.

  • Cigars packaging: including custom cigar boxes, humidors, and branded cigar jars.

  • Wine & Spirits packaging: including bottle packaging, bottle box packaging, wine box packaging, and wine packing boxes.

  • Cosmetics packaging: including cosmetics jars, bottles, tubes, compacts, and of course custom printed product boxes.

  • Promotional packaging: including special events and promotions.
Cigar Packaging
Wine Spirits Packaging
Gold Beauty Boxes
Canndescent Cannabis Packaging
Promotional Packaging

Packaging Materials Catalog

Paper packaging

Paper Packaging

This includes any type of wrapping paper, tissue paper, paper bags, or printed label. Paper is a versatile material, and can be used to create a full range of experiences. From simple eco-friendly packaging made with 100% recycled paper, to luxurious textured wrapping paper fit for a king or queen.

Paperboard packaging

Paperboard Packaging

Paperboard is thicker and more rigid than paper, though it still made from one layer. It is used whenever more protection for the product is desired, and is commonly used for paper cartons, product boxes, and rigid paper mailers. Paperboard is extremely versatile, with many printing and texturing options.

Cardboard packaging

Cardboard Packaging

Cardboard is a popular choice for collapsible shipping cartons, retail displays, and highly durable rigid mailers. This material has many printing options, and usually all surfaces can be customized according to brand requirements using double sided printing.

Rigid packaging

Rigid Boxes and Cases

Rigid boxes do not fold or collapse like paper materials, and is therefore the ideal packaging material for protecting premium cigars and tobacco products. It is also a popular choice for those seeking the highest perceived value for their product. There are almost endless options with rigid materials.

Wooden packaging

Wooden Boxes & Cases

Wood is one of our favorite rigid box materials. While a popular choice for pallets, crates, and boxes used for international trade, wood can also be used to craft truly exquisite packaging for cigars. Which is why wood is a very popular option for premium cigar boxes and humidors.

Metal packaging

Packaging with Metal

Using metal is your cigar packaging design is highly rewarding once you see and feel the results in your hand. When almost every product today is made with paper or plastic, the few luxury brands using metal in their designs will always stand out on the retail shelf.