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We offer custom made boxes and packaging of every description.

We specialize in retail-ready packages using paper, cardboard, wood, and metal.

Types of Custom Packaging Services

J.R.Ewing Bourbon Whiskey Box

Flexible packaging

The most economical and environmentally friendly option, and includes all malleable or foldable packaging materials. Flexible packaging is best suited for products which can be wrapped in paper or film, sealed in a pouch, or blister-packed. This also includes products which are shipped or sold inside a paper, paperboard, cardboard, or corrugated box.

Rigid packaging

Many premium brands and luxury products opt for this type of packaging, due to the use of tougher and more expensive materials. Rigid materials are best suited for products where the protection capabilities are important, where inducing a luxurious feel is desired, or whenever rigid box packaging is simply the more practical option e.g. like glass cosmetics jars. This also includes products which are shipped or sold in glass bottles or jars, hard plastic boxes or cases, or when using wood or metal in the packaging.

Premium & Luxury Packaging

With some products and brands, the look and feel of the packaging is very important. The little details are important, whether you are talking about an eye-catching luxury cardboard box for a perfume, or a custom handmade wooden display box for the world’s finest wines and spirits.

Brands & Product Types

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We have created packaging for dozens of tobacco brands, including custom cigar boxes, humidors, and branded cigar jars. We can also make extensive use of wood and metal, should it be needed.

Have a look at our cigar packaging boxes showcase for more examples.

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Wine & Spirits

We have an extensive portfolio of bottle packaging design, bottle box packaging, wine box packaging, and wine packing boxes to show and inspire you. We are also always excited by the challenge of turning a unique vision into an actual reality, or trying something new and innovative in the market.

Please see our wines & spirits packaging showcase for more examples.

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We can design and manufacture most types of custom cosmetic packaging products, using most common materials as well as wood and metal. This includes cosmetics jars, bottles, tubes, compacts, and of course custom printed product boxes.

Have a look at our cosmetics packaging showcase for more examples.

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We offer a full range of custom cannabis packaging and custom dispensary packaging options. This includes cannabis jars, bottles, vials, containers, and of course printed boxes.

Have a look at our cannabis packaging showcase for more examples.

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Sometimes you have a special event, or a promotion where you want to have something a little bit special. We offer a full range of promotional packaging solutions for small businesses.

Please see our promotional packaging showcase for more examples.

Packaging Materials Catalog


This includes any type of wrapping paper, tissue paper, paper bags, or printed label. Paper is a versatile material which can be printed, folded, textured, and/or colored as needed.


This includes paper cartons, product boxes, and rigid paper mailers. Paperboard is extremely versatile, with many printing, texturing, coloring, and shaping options.


This material is great for product boxes, shipping boxes, rigid mailers, and folding cartons. Cardboard has many printing options, and can be shipped flat as a collapsible box.

Rigid boxes and cases

This is also the most customizable material you can use for packaging, and come in a huge variety of colors, shapes, textures, styles, and closure types to suit any product in any price range. It is also a popular choice for premium and luxury products.

Glass and Ceramics

Glass and ceramics are both excellent ways of packaging products to create a premium feel. While for some product categories, the use of glass bottles and jars are expected – there is so much more that glass can do for your packaging.

Wood as a packaging material

There is also a lot of potential to make something special using wood, to make your product truly stand out on the retail shelf. You can practically call it art.

Metal as a packaging material

When almost every product today is wrapped in paper or plastic, it is easy to make your product stand above the rest when you add some metal to it.