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Custom packaging for retail gifts and promotions.

Running a campaign? Want to thank your customers?

Featured Promotional Packaging

Here are some of our favorite custom retail packaging and custom retail boxes.

Featured Custom Packaging & Gift Ideas

Here are some of our favorite concepts for thanking or rewarding customers.

Some of our promotional packaging projects.

What kind of promotional packaging do you need? There are many options available to you.

Flexible Packaging

This is often the most economical and environmentally friendly option for any promotion or marketing campaign, due to the low shipping weight. This includes any type of paper-based box, wrapping paper, or gift bag – as well as wrappable or sealable foils and plastics.

Branded Gifts & Custom Printed Boxes

Whether your campaign lasts for a week or a year, we can create and deliver the packaging you need to make a lasting impression. Sometimes all you need is a new label, or a custom printed box to promote your idea or campaign. We can handle the simple and the complex.

Custom Gifts & Limited Edition Products

When you want to create something truly special, we have the expertise and the experience to deliver the concept of your dreams. We offer a variety of luxury packaging options, from elegant product boxes through to eye-catching display cases made from the finest quality materials.

Rigid Packaging

Rigid packaging is bulkier than flexible options, but offers superior protection. It can sometimes be the most practical choice depending on the concept. Rigid materials cannot be folded or collapsed like paper materials. Designs can include any commercially available materials like glass, wood, plastic, and metal.

Promotional Packaging Materials Catalog

Paper Packaging

Paper is a highly versatile material, and includes any type of wrapping paper, tissue paper, paper bag, or printed label. Paper comes in many styles and finishes, including handmade – and can be printed, decorated, and folded in numerous ways to create any brand experience you desire.

Paperboard Packaging

Paperboard is thicker than paper, and is commonly used for producing collapsible cartons, product boxes, and rigid paper mailers. Paperboard is very versatile, with many printing, coloring, texturing, and folding options to create premium experiences.

Cardboard Packaging

Cardboard is a popular choice for collapsible shipping cartons, product displays, retail stands, and rigid mailers. This material has many printing options, and both sides can be printed and cut according to your brand and design requirements.

Rigid Boxes and Cases

Rigid materials do not fold or collapse like paper materials or foil pouches. This quality is sometimes desirable, and at other times essential. It all depends on the product, or the brand you want to convey. There are almost endless possibilities when it comes to packaging with rigid materials.

Glass Jars, Containers, and Bottles

We have extensive glass packaging experience in the wine & spirits retail category, as well as beauty & cosmetics. We offer a wide variety of glass jars and bottles for packaging, including custom labelling and product boxes for retail and shipping.

Ceramics and Handcrafted Glass

Glass and ceramics both offer some incredible options for gifts and promotions, at surprisingly affordable prices. This is really a category where the only limit is your imagination. Pleasa have a look at some examples of of our glass packaging and ceramics packaging in our gallery.

Wooden Boxes and Display Cases

Some of our favorite custom packaging concepts have come from wood, which is why it is one of our favorite rigid box materials. Not just for pallets or crates, wood can be used to craft something truly exquisite for the retail shelves. Just have a look at some of our favorite custom wooden product display boxes for some inspiration.

Gifts & Promotional Items made with Metal

When almost every product made today is sold wrapped in paper or plastic, using metal in your packaging can really make your product stand out on the retail shelf. There is something special about feeling metal in your hand, which is why it is so popular with premium and timeless brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

This all depends on your ambition and the budget. It would be a good idea to talk about your ideas and see what is feasible. There are also many surprisingly economical options available which can make a premium experience for your customer, without going overboard.

Yes, absolutely! Whether you have a vague idea in mind or a clear vision in place, you can take complete advantage of our design and engineering teams. We can guide you through the whole design and production process step by step.

For more answers about packaging and shipping, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.