Backwoods Wild Rum Barrel
Backwoods wild Rum Barrel

Backwoods Cigars. Wild Rum Barrel

Owned and manufactured by ITG Brands LLC, Backwoods cigars are offered in numerous different flavors and packs and are one the most distinctive cigar brands in the world.

Over the years, we have worked on several Backwoods projects. This time ITG Brands wanted us to create a Point of Sale (POS) display for the single pack Wild Rum flavor; but it also needed to work as a box, hold 40 cigars, and have a small footprint suitable for convenience stores.

Backwoods wild Rum Barrel

The barrel shape fitted all these criteria, but initial samples proved it was impossible to manufacture a wood barrel and come in on budget. We pivoted to a hand-built, paperboard structural core that was covered and then finished with the printed paper wrap — allowing for a barrel shape, with all the strength and rigidity that allows for, and still coming in on budget.

Backwoods wild Rum Barrel

Manufacture of the paperboard structures was painstaking — each one requiring 16 steps and all the construction & finishing work was completed by hand. With a few complexities along the way, the final result lived up to our expectations and we are very grateful for our partnership with ITG Brands. Working with them over the years has led to several great, unique products and allowed us to do what we do best — bring ideas to life.