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Sturia Caviar

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Sturia is the flagship brand of Sturgeon — the leading French caviar producer, that offers premium caviar of soft texture and well-balanced flavors, elaborated in the purest tradition. Founded near the historic region of Bordeaux, Sturia pioneered sturgeon farming in France over two decades ago.

Sturia Caviar Box

To emphasize the product and its impeccable taste, we were approached to develop a box that would contain 2 caviar tins, 2 spoons and a tin opener. The idea behind the project was to spotlight caviar as food that can be savored on its own with no additional products.

Sturia Caviar Box
Sturia Caviar Website

As with every product in Sturia, it was to be a kit with a high-end positioning on the market. The final box design has paperboard shell with a black paper wrap, and each of the two fold out trays holding a refrigerated gel pack, a tin of caviar and a spoon.

Sturia Caviar Box

The inner trays are attached in such a way that they only open partially, sliding in and out to expose the caviar tins and spoons. The paper texture resembles fish skin, and thus emphasizes the brand's history and Sturgeon origins of the company. To complete the branding, the logo was highlighted using a foil stamp as a final, restrained florish.

Sturia Caviar Website

This project has helped in Sturia's booming success in the market & the kit was highlighted by a number of prominent French companies.

Sturia Caviar Anniversary Box

Reflecting on this, as well as multiple other projects with the same client, we feel honored to have worked with Sturia team, and look forward to future endeavors.

Sturia Caviar Boxes